Commercial Cleaning Companies and the Benefits for Businesses

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company can have many benefits for a business. These benefits include not only the cleanliness of a business, but also the work environment. A clean work environment can be an asset to employees, customers and the profit margin of a business.
For both large and small businesses commercial cleaning companies can be beneficial. The costs to hire a commercial cleaning company may appear to be higher, but maintaining an in-house cleaning staff can have hidden fees. The National Contract Cleaners Association explains there may be several hidden costs involved with a business having an in-house cleaning staff. The investment costs for a business to maintain an in-house cleaning staff may include employee wages and benefits, cleaning materials, cleaning equipment, training, and time to oversee and manage the cleaning staff. With some of the hidden fees of an in-house cleaning staff, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company may be a cost-effective investment for many businesses.
There are additional benefits for a business to hire a commercial cleaning company. A professional commercial cleaning company can remove dust, mold, allergens and other substances that can diminish the air quality in an office. This kind of professional cleaning can improve the overall health of employees. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, may have improved focus and work performance. The image employees have of the company they work for may improve with a well-maintained work environment. Not only can this improve the image employees have of the business, it can also improve the brand image of the business for customers.
Professional commercial cleaning companies can be beneficial for areas of a business other than their offices. For example real estate agencies that have the homes they are selling staged before showings, may benefit by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company as part of their staging design. A professional cleaning by a commercial cleaning company would improve the inside and outside appearance of a home. Professional cleaners are able to get rid of issues were regular cleaning isn’t enough, such as smells caused by pets or smokers, and mold & mildew issues. The musty smell of older homes, or homes that have been closed up is an issue a commercial cleaning company could take care of. For prospective customers a professionally cleaned home would help improve the image of a house staged for sale.
Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is also beneficial during emergencies. Many commercial cleaning companies offer 24 hour emergency services seven days a week. They are trained to provide cleaning services for emergency situations such as clean-up due to water damage from flooding or leaks, fire and smoke damage, and post crime scene clean-ups. A commercial cleaning company that already maintains a business for general cleaning services will already understand the business’ post emergency clean-up needs.
Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be a cost-effective investment for businesses. A clean business environment can improve employee health and work performance, attract customers and improve the brand image of a business. If all of these improvements sound like what your business needs then N&A Professional Commercial Cleaners is an excellent company that comes highly recommended.

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14 April 2016

When It Comes Time To Clean Your Construction Site

Contractors usually don’t have the time to clean up after they are finished with the construction process. Most likely the building and surrounding area will need to be cleaned. This might be the time to think about a hiring a service that specializes cleaning up after construction sites.
What To Know
You might be able to find a commercial cleaning service that offers to clean up your construction site. However, there are some companies that will focus completely on cleaning up a construction site. Construction cleanup could involve washing the floors, dusting vents, sanitation of bathrooms and kitchens along with vacuuming all the carpets. A lot of these companies will begin work as the construction process is finishing up.
How Will You Pay?
How big of a job you have will consider greatly in the amount it will cost you. Expect to be charged extra for any task that could takes a lot of time.
Making the Right Choice
With any service you are thinking of hiring, be sure to look around and compare your options. See if you can find a referral and take the time to thoroughly interview any company you are considering hiring. Check with the Better Business Bureau and read different reviews. This way you know you are making the best choice.

Selecting The Best Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we offer the “Best Clean In Town.” We clean your business as if it was our own. We know it’s important to have a sharp image of your business. We also know that a clean, well-cared-for office is your calling card.
Clean floors, clean rest rooms, and clean furniture are important, but we also know that unexpected things happen. Spills, wet weather creating messy floors, and dull, smudged windows are a detractor from your office space. While waiting a few minutes in your waiting area, your customers have time to look around. If your office or common area is dirty and dusty, this is their first impression of your business. Our goal is to clean your office right the first time. Most of our work is done after hours. When you arrive in the morning, you only have to make the coffee. We keep the employee break room, stove, refrigerator, tables and counter tops clean and spotless . No surface is left untouched.
We dust, polish, clean carpets and upholstery, windows, and blinds. We care for your wood furniture as well as metal furniture. No job is too big or too small. We are available 24/7 ‘just in case’. We are there for unforeseen emergencies. Your business is our business.
Keeping it simple, we do floors, carpets, windows, bathrooms (no matter what), break rooms, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, cupboards, tables and chairs and everything in between.
We also do remodeling cleanups. Sometimes the mess is worse than the remodeling process. We can assure you that we will take care of everything. We guarantee it!
We take care of minor flooring repairs like scratches or scuff marks. We clean carpets. We remove coffee spills and other stains. We have the equipment and environmentally safe cleaning supplies to get the stains out.
We vacuum, dust, empty trash cans, replace liners, and we even clean the trash cans so they are free of odors. We use conditioners that are safe for the environment. In fact, all of our cleaning products are eco-safe!
If you’re having a big meeting or a small employee awards ceremony, we’ve got you covered. Even last-minute preparations are covered.
All of our employees are insured and bonded. We conduct strict background checks so you know you can trust our staff in your office when you’re not there.
We work on your schedule. We offer daily, weekly, or monthly services along with emergency cleaning because sometimes accidents happen.
So, if you are looking for a trustworthy, top-notch commercial cleaning company, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here for you when you need us the most, and even when you don’t!
We take pride in our attention to detail. You aren’t just a client to us. You’re family and we want you to be satisfied in all aspects of our work.

How to Subtly Get Your Kids To Help Clean

Tired of fighting with your little ones to help clean? There are many more out there in your same situation. No one likes nagging nor wants to nag to their loved ones. If your kids are like most others, they will not give into nagging at first. After awhile, and with some resentment, you finally get your kids to help. How do you get your kids to help you clean without the subject it causing a fight?
One solution is to have your kids clean without them even knowing it. You should at least make the task more fun so there will be less griping about that subject. Here are some ideas on how to be sneaky about getting your kids to help clean.
Water Play
How many of you have gotten the eye roll or the deep sigh from your kids when you ask them to wash the car? Try a water fight! You could fill a big bucket or kitty pool with suds and let the kids play with them. This could be done with one child or multiple children. Let them take turns with the hose and see how much fun they have. At the end, you will have a clean car as well as kids who just had a great time helping you clean.
You could also turn your car washing into a water day. Reward your kids for helping you wash the car by setting up sprinklers in the yard or a slip in slide with a tarp for more fun after chores. Watch out for mud holes though!
Magical Supplies
To any parent of younger children, a great idea is to invent a “magical spray.” You can do this a few simple ways. You could buy a plain spray bottle and decorate it yourself or let your kid decorate it. You could also purchase a “special” one from the store for your child to use. Explain to them that the spray they are going to use is magic and it turns dirty things clean. Watching dirt come up right before their eyes will think they are holding something magical so it turns out fun for them. You can also use this game concept with tile floor or marble cleaners, basically whatever else noticeably gets dirt up for them to witness. This also gets them in the habit to help from a young age with a little help form the imagination.
Tornado Time
Once again, if your child is a bit younger and has a big imagination then this should be a fun time for them. Instead of nagging and just telling your child to put their toys away, try to pretend that the vacuum is a tornado. Everything on the ground in the vacuum’s path is in danger and the kids need to rescue them! They can go in the toy box or the “storm shelter” to be saved. This can also be applied for anytime your child’s toys need to be picked up. Say you had a commercial cleaning company come to your home to give your home that professional touch and your kids toys are everywhere. In order to motivate them, grab the vacuum and help “chase” the toys back into their bin. This will get the toys up in a hurry and leave the floor clean for when you need it.
Bringing Personality To Toys
At certain ages, a majority of kids will listen to either imaginary friends or toys more than they will listen to grown ups. You could try putting some personality into your child’s toys. Say that your child’s name was Tanner then Tanner’s toy would say, “Please Tanner, I am so lonely here on the ground all by myself. Please put me in the toy box with my friends.” You can even have fun with this one for yourself and incorporate different voices and accents. Hopefully, your child will run with this idea and pay attention to the other lonely toys.

How to Find a Good Family Cleaning Service

The Best Approach To Finding The Right Cleaning Service
If you are like most people, you have gone your whole adult life cleaning your house on your own without any professional help. If this is you then you know how much time and effort goes into keeping your house clean. Most individuals who do tackle the majority of the cleaning know how much of a time saver and a relief having a professional cleaning service could be. On top of that, you would finally have a professionally cleaned house!
When starting the search for that professional cleaning service that is your perfect fit, it is important that you look carefully at their qualifications and to know the different types of services that are out there. Two major options are commercial cleaning companies and family owned cleaning services and each play a role for different cleaning circumstances.
When thinking of a family cleaning service, there are sometimes actual families where every family member plays a part to help the business succeed. There is also families who own cleaning services and have employees who work for them. If you do decide on one of these styles of family cleaning services then here are a few tips to help you narrow down your search.
Character Of The Business:
Does the family cleaning service that you are looking into have good character and a good reputation? Do they have references? The most valuable references come from happy clients that want to share a job well done. An important thing to remember is how important word of mouth is. That is one of the highest forms of flattery that a cleaning service can receive. Ask around about these questions: Do they show up on time? Do they listen well to instructions? Do they communicate well and respect your space? Once you find out some of the answers to these questions then your search should become much more narrow.
Who Actually Completes The Job?
Does the job get completed by the actual family that owns the business or by the employees who the work for them? You might discover that hiring a family who does the services themselves may be cheaper due to not having to pay any “middle man” employees.
Insurance Confirmation
This tip is so important and one that many forget about. Always make one hundred percent sure that you have homeowners insurance that covers you for that rare case of if someone has an accident while cleaning your home. Considering that many family cleaning services do not have their own insurance. It is a smart and responsible decision to make sure that you have that for yourself.
Variation Of Services
Whether you are single, married, or have a big family, it is important to consider which type of service fits your current situation. Here are some of the variations of services that you have options to choose from.
*Moving services- Say you plans to move soon and now realize there is no way you can accomplish the kind of cleaning that your house needs by yourself. You need the help of a cleaning service to tackle the deep cleaning jobs. You probably need this since you most likely do not that the right products and equipment to accomplish some difficult cleaning jobs. Many family-cleaning businesses offer these types of detailed services.
*Cleaning For Party Set Up/Clean Up- We’ve all had to host an event before. Whether it was a birthday party, wedding, graduation party, or anything else you might be hosting, it is okay seek help. There is only so much that one person can do by himself or herself. There are also family cleaning businesses that will help you clean before the event and set up as well as help clean up afterwards.
*Just Surface Cleaning?- The word “flexible” has many meanings in the cleaning industry. Do they offer extra chores such as laundry folding, cleaning the cat’s litter box, dishes, or even walking the dog? When it comes to larger family cleaning businesses, it might be harder to get them to do those extra services that you might need.
*Supplies Included?- Does the cleaning service that your looking at provide their own equipment and products or do you have to supply those for them? This affects the cost that you pay overall as well as leaves you liable for maintaining the products and equipment. Try to find a professional cleaning service that provides their personal equipment and cleaning products. Whether it is marble, tile and grout, or granite surfaces, there should always be the proper product available to clean it with.
Once you have added all of this information together, the decision of which type of service fits best for you will come much easier. Whether it was deciding between moving services, cleaning and pick up for parties, extra provided services, or supplies included or not, at least now you are well informed to make the best decision for you and your family.

The Most Often Overlooked Aspect of Bathroom Remodeling – YOUR FLOOR

One of the most often overlooked aspect of bathroom remodeling is the floor- other than matching wall and tile colors. What most people often do not realize is that they can change the color of their grout without the mess, dust and delay of cutting it out or replacing the floor. COLORSEAL applies a durable colored seal to sanded grout which can alter its color while also providing a better seal than the standard permeating sealer. Yes, you can even change white to black or black to white, but in most cases, it is a question of adjusting your accent.

The floor of your bathroom should be one of the first places to start when remodeling. This is because the floor gets much more use than other aspects of the bathroom. If you do consider the floor update, replacement of tile with marble or granite can significantly alter the perceived elegance of the space. Tile size can rage from 1” to 24” and with it alters the amount of grout present, and its impact on the color and finish of your space. Floor material selection can also impact safety and slip. With each selection though, be aware that your care requirements and cleaner selection will change as well. (SEE MARBLELIFE as the source for cleaners optimized for tile type).
Remodeling your floor does not have to be expensive, though it can be. Restoration is always less expensive than replacement. In most cases, restoring your grout color might cost $2/sqft versus $15-20 for a new floor. Need to restore a marble floor? Here again, one is generally looking at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Need an estimate? Contact your local stone restoration professional. (MARBLELIFE is the largest in the North America and offers free estimates on restoration. Plus MARBLELIFE has the knowledge and experience in how to properly maintain your surfaces, regardless of what floor you have. Always useful.) With a few changes you can radically alter the appearance of your space as well as add considerable value to your home.
If you opt to replace the current floor material, your next decision is finding the right contractor. A poorly installed floor can mean additional expenses. How long would you put up with a toe-kicker (high tile that catches your toes)? Of course this is easily avoidable by using an experienced professional. Your local tile shops maintain a list of their best customers. No one gets recognized without doing it right, but a lot of new installers enter the market thinking anyone can do this.
Dream of beauty. Get a solid referral. Add value to your home, but more importantly make your partner happy. Nothing like starting the day with a smile when your remove those eyesore areas you encounter every day.

Its not YOU, or your CLEANER, it may be your FLOOR…

We can Help
More than 25 years ago, a senior executive for one of the largest chemical companies in the world directed his team of PHD Chemists to solve his biggest problem.  It wasn’t related to running the business, but actually keeping peace at home.  His wife wanted to know why their marble floors rarely looked clean.  Certainly a company like Union Carbide could figure out the problem and create a product that could clean marble.  They could and they did, investing more than $7 million dollars in developing an entirely new way to clean without using acids or solvents. In fact, it worked great in the lab, but when it reached its final test… the most important test, the results were not “a new floor appearance.”  …but it worked! How is this possible?
There is a difference between cleaning and restoring damage.  You can brush your teeth daily, but if you have a cavity, cleaning will not repair it.  You have to fill that cavity before you are comfortable again.  After that, you then can maintain it with proper care.
Your floors are much the same.  Etches, scratches, wear and damaged grout may give a dirty look. But until repaired, your floors will never look clean.
The good news, is that most restoration can be done in less than a day. After which that $7 million dollar cleaner works phenomenally.  Of course we have continued to enhance performance even further.
Those beautifully maintained homes you see on TV; those gorgeous hotel floors you’ve walked across- all need periodic restoration. Yours are no different.  You’ll be amazed how great your floors can look when the root cause is defined and addressed.  They’ll look better, your anxiety level falls, your family has a healthier home, and your home is now easier to clean and maintain.
It’s easier to keep a dent-free and rust-free car clean and looking great. Same for your floors.
By all means try our cleaners first, then give us a call, we will apply your cleaner cost to the cost of your restoration.  We will also provide you guidance on to how to care for your surface and avoid new damage, and how our cleaners will work beautifully.  MARBLELIFE is the fastest way to a worry-free, healthier, and easy-to-maintain home.
Visit us at  You’ll be glad you did.  We are proud that much of our work comes from referrals and has continued to for more than 20 years.

Does Your Grout Look Dull? Is Frustration Setting In?

Here’s How To Get It Back To Uniform…
GUIDE TO BETTER GROUT CLEANING – It takes more than effort to get grout clean.  One must first understand whether you are dealing with dirt or stains, a sealed or unsealed surface, or whether a damaging cleaner has given you a non-uniform appearance.  If you are not the first owner, prior attempts to address the situation with new grout, or staining to a dirt color may further complicate appearances and the problem.  The good news is that everything can be addressed…once you know what you’re dealing with.  MARBLELIFE offers a free estimate, during which we can read and provide pertinent guidance.  Here are some quick tips to help get started.  At least you can ensure your efforts are not wasted.
Rest assured, you are not alone.  Many people make judgements on restaurants based on what the bathroom appearance looks like. Additionally, annual office-tenant surveys report the number 1 complaint that can go wrong in a big office building is in fact the appearance of the bathroom floors (grout).  Certainly a common perception.  As such, it’s natural to be concerned with your grout appearance, and desire that uniform and healthy clean appearance.  Whether you need a service or just a cleaner, MARBLELIFE delivers clean, consistent, and continuous grout color every day.  Here’s what you should consider as you figure out how to proceed.

KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE – Many people think they have grey grout, but a look in the pantry, under the carpet, or in an untouched corner of a room may prove that their grout was actually light tan versus the dirt gray they now see.  This is an important start.  Now you know what success will look like.  If you are successful cleaning the center of your floor its going to REALLY stand out, until the entire floor is done.


DEFINE YOUR PROBLEM – Are you looking to clean your tile? Are you struggling with a persistent staining, dark grout, mold or mildew?  Understanding the problem will allow you to select an appropriate response that will ultimately produce the smile and happy home we seek.  Failing to take the time to do so can sequentially lead to frustration.  Good news though! MARBLELIFE has an answer for any “I don’t know”s or uncertainty. Contact MARBELIFE for a free local estimate.  What may look dirty, albeit stubborn, is often an indication there is something more going on that needs to be addressed before a clean surface can be guaranteed- as there are some conditions that will go beyond cleaning. If just dirty, a quick test can be done with a toothbrush and a daily cleaner such as MARBLELIFE TILE & GROUT CLEANER.  A little scrubbing will remove any surface dirt revealing your grout’s original color.  MARBLELIFE MAX OUT CLEANER is useful if you have unsealed grout and need to float out material that has been embedded into the open pores.  This product will literally turn gray as the dirt is floating out.


IS YOUR GROUT SEALED? – IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE – The vast majority of grout needs to be sealed.  While there are grout products that tout that they are polymer based and do not need to be sealed, the vast majority of the installed base is actually using a mortar-based grout that is in fact very porous (think sidewalk concrete when it starts to rain) and thus needs to be sealed.  As conscientious as your tile installer may have been, other than getting the grout wet, your installer had little means to guarantee he applied enough grout uniformly to seal everything- as most sealers are designed NOT to alter the finish or color of the grout. So how do they know they applied enough to seal everywhere? – They just don’t.

MARBLELIFE has developed a COLORSEAL offering which is custom-colored to your grout color. Or, if you chose to change it to a new color, when applied, changes the grout color- so the applicator is assured the grout is sealed.
If already sealed, you simply just need a good cleaner.  If it is not sealed, you WILL get stained grout over time, regardless how good the cleaner.  Think about trying to clean the inside bottom surface of a test tube with a kitchen sponge- you just can’t get completely in there. Once sealed or stoppered, nothing stains or gets stuck in there.
If your grout is stained, then by definition it is not sealed.  It will need to be cleaned and then resealed before you have a clean appearance that is easy to maintain.

IS YOUR GROUT STILL SEALED? – THIS ONE IS SNEAKY – It gets worse; many tile cleaners are acidic. Acid attacks any seal present and unzips the chemistry.  The acid also leeches out the grout’s dyes, lightening any colored grout.  Overtime, it will purport to the appearance of concrete.  What makes these cleaners so damaging is that they look like they are working as they damage the grout permanently (and if used on a marble surface they will remove the finish and generate etches).  If your grout is stained, then you will need to get it sealed, but only after first having the grout powerwashed to flush out dirt and oil from the unsealed pores.  You then have to make a choice between penetrating or topical sealers.

If your cleaner contains acid, you have damaged your seal (unless you have a topical ColorSeal floor).  It’s not debatable. Acids reverse the equilibrium reaction used by silicone based sealers.  The floor will need to be resealed before you can achieve the uniform, easy to maintain appearance desired.  The good news, you are not alone, this is the most common situation in America due to the prevalence of acidic floor cleaners.

KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, AND WHY — If your seal is damaged, not even the best cleaner will deliver the appearance you seek until the seal has been re-applied. After which, your cleaner decision will determine how well it is maintained and how your tile surface fairs.  MARBLELIFE TILE & GROUT CLEANER will deliver phenomenal results.


ACCOUNT FOR GROUT AND TILE – It’s not just your tile or just your grout; each of these dissimilar materials must be accounted for in your cleaner decision.  Have you ever seen commercials for calcium removing cleaners?  They look pretty impressive until someone uses it on a marble or travertine floor, but then they learn that these floors are made of the same material you are trying to remove – calcium.  The wrong product will create white spots where the cleaners have dissolved the surface.  No amount of cleaning can reverse this until a professional repolishes the floor.  Ceramic and Porcelain tile are less sensitive, which is why we see more aggressive cleaners recommended for these surfaces- but which often are damaging to the associated grout.  Acids will remove grout color.  With ceramic-tiled floors, you need a grout-friendly surfactant cleaner such as MARBLELIFE TILE AND GROUT CLEANER.  If unsealed, MAXOUT CLEANER followed by MARBLELIFE GROUT SEALER is suggested.  If the surface color of the grout is not uniform or consistent, you likely need a powerwash and colorseal treatment.  In less than 8 hours you can have a new floor appearance that is MUCH easier to maintain and generates a healthier floor.  Once done, it is easy to maintain and will not stain again.


RIGHT CLEANER – We routinely check the ingredients on our food, whether looking for low sugar, low fat, low carbs, high protein, no corn syrup, no gluten, low cholesterol, etc. to ensure our bodies remain clean and healthy. Luckily, your floor is easier to maintain, but still has a few needs.  No acid to protect your seal.  Use surfactant-based cleaners when wanting to flush out oil and dirt from your grout’s pores. Emulsion-based cleaners are ideal when looking to lift, surround and allow water to carry these oils away.  Surfactants will surround the oil droplet so that neither the oil or the water see one another.  The oil is effectively hidden from the water, which can lift away the surfactant surrounded oil drop with ease.  MARBLELIFE offers specialty cleaners for MARBLE & TRAVERTINE, TILE & GROUT and GRANITE & QUARTZ.  Select the cleaner that matches your surface.


RIGHT EQUIPMENT – The right equipment is step one, knowing how to use it is step two. We provide more training on how to mop a floor, than any other training we offer.  The most common error in mopping a floor is getting the floor wet, generally when someone simply wants to use a wrung-out, damp mop to lift the dust and oil off the floor and into the mop bucket. Truth is today, microfiber mops are far easier and effective.  The numerous fibers create a larger surface area to capture and adsorb dirt and oil.  They are easier to wash (yes one should wash your mop or microfiber between uses for the cleanest and healthiest floors).  If you feel you need a brush, consider using a wallpaper brush to maximize your efficiency.  Rule of thumb however, is if you need a brush, you should really consider having your floor powerwashed.  This will save your knees and time, as well as provide a better means of flushing out pores in your floor.


SERVICE MANUFACTURER ADVANTAGE – MARBLELIFE learned long ago, that if we helped people solve their problems our business would grow.  With that said, we offer FREE ESTIMATES.  We make the products we have developed for our service professional’s use readily available to make cleaning as easy and as efficient as possible.  When trying to figure out what is happening with your own floor, it is natural to try the easiest routes first.  We make it even easier.  If you are using a MARBLELIFE cleaner, and realize that you need a power-wash service or need to have your seal restored, we will credit your service for the MARBLELIFE product you’ve purchased, making it a risk-free situation (wherever we have franchise offices).  When we work together, you’ll see amazing results.


How To Properly Clean Travertine Floors And Avoid Long Term Damage

What Is Travertine Flooring
If you have a travertine floor, you share something in common with many Romans where it appears in the Coleseum.  Here in North America, it is a popular flooring for high end homes, and sees particular favor in beach side communities where a matte, semi-gloss finish on a sandy color appearance does a particularly good job in hiding wear associated with walked in sand, and their accompanies microscratches.  Whether your particular surface has a honed, light sheen, or matte finish, has a flat or tumbled surface, caring for your travertine requires a bit more attention than your average tile; and if you have an “open” versus closed travertine, we really need to talk.  Most “open” travertine will be “closed” within a few years of going into service for reasons that will quickly become clear.
“Open” travertine refers to the fact that travetine when initially quarried has an appearance similar to swiss cheese.  It is filled with OPEN holes and occulsions caused by gas pockets created as sealife that has passed on and desended to the bottom of the ocean breaks down.  These trapped air pockets survive within the stone as it was compressed to form stone.  The stone is then sliced into tiles and as it cuts through these pockets leavin “open” holes.  “Open” travertine has an appearance all its own.  However, once installed those openings serve to collect every bit of dust and debris that is walked by, making them a nuisance to maintain.
Ultimately, within a few years, “open” travertine floors are “closed.”  This is done by having a marble restoration professional float the floor with a modified traveril compound to fill these opening, blending them into the floor. Filling compounds have a tendency to shrink on curing.  As such, if you are having this done it is important you verify how the installer intends to “close” your floor, and what you ultimately want.  If you want a flat floor, then you want to make sure they OVERFIL the floor, allow the compound to cure, and then hone off the excess and refinish to your desired finish.  The less expensive alternative is to fill the floor flat to the tile surface, rinsing away the excess, and allow the material to cure on settling.  This closes the floor but leave a subtle cupped surface to each filled in area.  It is easier to clean, but still maintains some “open” character.  In most cases, if one is closing the floor to make it easier to maintain, one is best investing a little more time to get a flat uniform finish.
How Do I Care For My Travertine Floor
Having dealt with the question of “open” or “closed” the question becomes how to safely clean your floor.  As this floor is largely made of calcium carbonate (one can often find fossilized shells within the stone surface), it is sensitive to acids.  Most tile cleaners are NOT suitable for these floors as their acidic make up will dissolve the softest areas in the surface resulting in micro-pitting, etching and gradual loss of finish.  These floors need to be cleaned with a non-acidic cleaner.
Given the swiss cheese nature of this floor, it is virtually guaranteed that you will have some small bubble like openings in the floor.  This is normal.  In order to properly flush these openings one wants a cleaner that reduces water tension so that water can enter these small pores to flush out dirt and debris.  This means we need a surfactant based cleaner.
As floors have a tendency to collect oils, whether from bare feet, cooking, pets or other sources, our cleaner needs to be able to emulsify and lift away oils, which again takes us to a surfactant based cleaner.
Put each requirement together and you are looking for a surfactant base non-acidic cleaner.  MARBLELIFE MARBLE & TRAVERTINE CLEANER has been formulated for just this purpose, and is used exclusively by the largest stone restoration company in North America.  Even if cleaning with the “Right” cleaner, we still have to deal with the occasional new “hole.”
From time to time, as we walk across our floor, particularly if you wear high heels, you will see a new hole appear.  Don’t be surprised, high heels concentrate weight into a small area.  A small 100 lb woman can generate 800 pounds per square inch when their weight is applied to the small area of contact provided by high heel shoes.  This is sufficient to punch through the top of an air bubble lying just below the surface of your travertine.  Now you have a new hole.  If this is the top of a large bubble it is likely to grow as the hole opens.  What do you do?  Travertine tile colors vary, as such replacement of the tile can result in a subtle mismatch in color that while invisible at the store, now stands out compared to the rest of your floor.  Call a stone restoration specialist.  They can spot address such problems using a quick setting epoxy color matched to your floor to blend naturally.  Once cured they can hone the surface flat and polish to blend with your finish.

Travertine is a wonderful surface adding beauty and character to a room.  Caring for this surface is simple…once you know what to watch for and where to turn for assistance.  As with all floors, you will eventually need assistance, we all get old.  The good news is your floor can be restored to “new” more easily that we can.  Call MARBLELIFE and they can assist you in assessing your floor needs.

Keeping Granite Counters Beautiful

It may be as hard as “granite”, but it still requires some TLC to look its best.  Cleaning, sealing and common sense can go a long way to keeping your granite looking great.  Once one commits to caring for this value-added surface you are half way there.
Think of your granite counter like a car.  You need to periodically change the oil, want to maintain your insurance in case of an accident, and keep it clean without damaging the finish.
In the case of your granite counters it’s a little easier as we just have to worry about

Sealing the surface (oil change) every other year to prevent the expensive, inconvenient and inconsistent need to remove a stain.  Like insurance, once you have an accident you are glad you have it.  Spill oil on your counter, splatter grease, or have a sweaty body lean against an unsealed stone surface and it will pick-up and absorb oils, darkening the stone, and requiring repeated poulticing with a nasty smelling product to correct.  The alternative is to take a few minutes to seal your surface every 2 years, or arrange to have your local stone restoration company put you on their annual or bi-annual maintenance visit schedule.  You will be glad you did.
Cleaning – Like a car you don’t want to damage the surface with an abrasive cleaner.  In the case of granite, it has less to do with damage, and more to do with avoiding depositing micro waxes found in many glass cleaners.  Yes, glass cleaners may tout their use on granite, but over time the micro-waxes they carry to fill in glass scratches collect on the surface as a wax coating dulling your shine, and requiring a professional to remove the wax in order to restore your original shine.  It is better to utilize a granite cleaner formulated by a stone knowledgeable company.  MARBLELIFE has been restoring stone for more than 25 years, and optimizing its care products based on field learnings such that today MARBLELIFE GRANITE & QUARTZ CLEANER is not just effective, but easy and rapid.  This product is so effective, we challenge you to place some oil on a plate, or glass window, then spritz with the cleaner and see how fast, streak-free and effective it removes the oil and leaves a clean surface.  (then try the same with what you are using now – its an impressive difference)

Watch this Granite Cleaning Video:

Similarly to other manufacturers, MARBLELIFE recommends its cleaner as being safe and effective for use on glass, metals and wood surfaces.  The difference is that our product has been formulated to work effectively here without creating other downstream issues.  This cleaner will give you a squeaky clean surface.
It is rare that one damages granite, unless one plans on dancing on your counters, they are hard enough to handle just about anything short of banging a pot on the edge and chipping the edge.  As such, anyone telling you it needs to be ground and polished is likely mistaken, unless you are one of the few that had indeed put a scratch into the surface.
Other common needs are associated with movement of the countertop resulting in a spit seam or mismatched slabs.  These can be corrected but will require a professional restoration service to do so.  This is rare but happens in a house that is settling or if the counter was not properly anchored during installation.
The last DON’T is do not place a hot pot directly on the surface. This used to be an “ok” thing to do, though never recommended.  What changed?  Most granite counters installed in the past 5 years have been resonated, meaning they have filled the pores within the stone with a resin which allowed the manufacturer to ship the product without suffering as much breakage en-route.   This had the benefit of allowing more brittle stones to enter the market, and reducing the need for sealing (if you know your surface is resonated), but created a downside that the a hot pot can char the resin leaving a difficult to remove white ring under the pot.  This is not just on the surface but goes down into the stone, making it difficult to remove without creating a low spot in the counter.  Best to avoid placing a hot pot on the counter.  While not impossible, removal creates other risks best avoided.

Like your car, the biggest needs you have are oil changes (sealing), cleaning (correct cleaner), and avoiding damaging driving practices (hot pots on the surface, or banking the edge with a hot while clearing the dishwasher).
In reality your granite is an easy to maintain, property value added addition, that provides one that least maintenance cost counter surface in your kitchen.  Good choice.  Low maintenance however does not mean no-maintenance.  Get your sealer and cleaner selected and you are golden.
Visit for recommended sealers and cleaners, and for service providers should you ever need one, or want to schedule periodic maintenance.

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But I sealed my grout?

Dirty Grout, Vinegar and the mother of all myths.
You did everything right. 

You picked a beautiful grout color that accents your finishes and looked clean.
You clean it regularly and it just gets worse.
You have had it professionally cleaned…

but the dirty grout comes back.
You will be surprised how many new homeowners are surprised to learn they do not have gray grout but a bright tan.  You are not alone.  Even more surprising, architects report that even after specking to have their new tile floors sealed, 95% of the complaints they see on their brand new buildings in the first month deal with stained grout. 
How can that be?
You are not alone.  In some cases, the more you work at cleaning your grout the worse it looks.  How can that be?
Answer:  Vinegar and acidic cleaners.
The popular tile shop myth is that vinegar is a great tile cleaner.  Replace vinegar with “acid” is and you get a whole class of tile cleaners.  In fact, it often will lighten the grout.  Unfortunately, cleaning and lightening are two very different things.
Here are three reasons why you do NOT want to use vinegar on a tile floor:

Vinegar/Acid will leech the grout dye right out of the grout.  The result is an ever lightening of the grout color all the way back to standard mortar gray.
Vinegar/Acid damage the penetrating seal that was installed on your grout.  Your seal serves to convert what is normally a very porous surface (think rain on a concrete sidewalk porous), to a sealed surface that keeps liquids on top (versus in) your grout where you can clean it.  Problem is most penetrating sealers are based on a class of chemicals called siloxane which have the unfortunate habit of reverting to their base raw materials in an acidic environment.  Exactly what happens when an acid cleaner comes in contact with the grout surface.  Over time one effectively washes your seal away. Returning your grout to a stainable, thirsty surface that will take on the color of the liquid it absorbs, including that beautiful brown mop bucket water you get after mopping your floors.

So clean with vinegar/acid cleaners will eventually result in your grout being lightened and then stained to a dark brown or black.
On the other hand, clean with a basic, alkali or non-acidic (doesn’t have to be neutral just not acidic) and your grout will retain its original color and allow its seal to last longer for a cleaner more colorful grout surface.
…Of course if you are already facing a stained grout problem, a faded grout problem, or just want a different color.  Call your local MARBLELIFE office and ask them about their COLORSEAL options.  MARBLELIFE can clean, restore a uniform color, and seal your floors against further staining.
Then get the right product for the problem clean with MARBLELIFE Tile & Grout Cleaner or MARBLELIFE Marble & Travertine Cleaner for your marble surfaces.

A Better Way To Clean Your Marble Or Travertine Floor

The use of a traditional mop and bucket is the primary cause of dirty floor grout. This also contributes to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Since mops don’t really get cleaned, they harbor bacteria and viruses that you then spread all over the floors.
When attempting to clean with a mop you are pushing dirty mop water into the grout joints into the floor. The grout joints are very porous and allow dirty mop water to continue to deposit new dirt into the grout.
A fantastic alternative that is healthier and results in a cleaner floor is the use of MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner and a microfiber towel. We recommend microfiber towels because they perform better than pads. They are more economical and you can change them out more frequently.
The microfiber mops we use have Velcro on the top and the bottom to hold the microfiber towel in place while we are moping.
Cleaning your floor is simple, just spray the MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner on the floor and mop it up with the microfiber towel. After doing a reasonable sized area, turn the microfiber towel over to buff the area dry. This will give you a clean, streak free shine.
Move on to the next area and use the same side of the microfiber towel you just used to buff and dry the last area. Then swap out the towel to buff the recently cleaned area. Repeat these steps until the entire floor is clean.
If you there are any hard to remove spots in the grout, spray the MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner directly on the spot, clean it with a toothbrush and then wipe it clean with the microfiber towel.
This entire process will keep your floors clean and healthy. If you discover your floor needs more than a simple cleaning, Marblelife is here to help. Call MARBLELIFE® at (888) 218-4616 or visit us online to secure your FREE SERVICE ESTIMATE at

WOW! Look at the clarity and the detail in the reflection.

Over time even the most well kept marble floor will get dull and hazy. In the picture on the left it is very obvious that this floor has had many years of neglect and spills. The spills caused the etching (to the right of the floor vent) and haziness on the surface. All of that takes the shine off the floor and leaves the results you see here.
After we completed the project you can see the results are amazing. WOW! Look at the clarity and the detail in the reflection. The images are so crisp and clear. This floor is now the envy of the neighborhood. Oh, one more thing about this photo. That floor is “DRY”! That is right, DRY! It looks wet and it will for a long time. Amazing.
MARBLELIFE® has been the trusted name in service for over 20 years. Whether you are seeking marble polishing, granite sealing, or simply grout cleaning & restoration MARBLELIFE® delivers exceptional results. MARBLELIFE® works hard to  present you with a professional and pleasant service experience in every job we do.
With Marblelife’s “No More Restoration Guarantee”, it’s no wonder, due to this economy, why more and more property managers are turning to MARBLELIFE®. We have restoration and maintenance programs that will improve your building appearance, reduce your overall cost, and guarantee “no more restorations”.

Did you know that your floor cleaner can impact the slip safety of your floors?

As a floor service provider, slip safety is a consideration on each of our services and products.  Slip safety is one of the most mis-understood and myth filled subjects.  For example, the notion that a glossy floor is by definition slippery is indeed a misnomer.  It is true that a wet or oil covered floor may appear glossy and WILL be more slippery than a dry floor.  However, spill a little flour or talc on a matte finish floor, and you can slide across it like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  In each case, whether liquid or dust a moveable medium is present that separates your foot from the floor and allows it to move freely.  Add a little speed, and you really have a slip condition.  Ever seen a car hydroplane across a rough but wet road surface?  The road has a rough surface, but given enough speed and a little water it can become slippery.  Conversely, by modifying the surface itself to a mirror finish, or applying a reactive treatment that chemically bonds to the surface while providing a mirror finish can still provide a safe surface even though glossy, assuming the coefficient of friction is sufficiently high.  That said, a clean floor is generally safer than a dusty, wet or dirty floor, making housekeeping a factor both in cleaner used, frequency and procedure.
For this reason, many of our offices provide floor slip testing, in which we can show property owners and managers the state of their floor safety, and more to the point how their housekeeping can impact floor safety.  Ever walk into a restaurant and have to slide your feet across the floor because it’s so slippery?  You know what happened, after cleaning the kitchen where grease is present and used, they either brought a contaminated mop, or failed to change the mop bucket water before cleaning the restaurant floor.  We also know they are not using a surfactant based cleaner or following the recommended instructions.  This situation can be quickly resolved using a surfactant based emulsifying cleaner such as MARBLELIFE’s MARBLE & TRAVERTINE, TILE & GROUT or GRANITE & QUARTZ cleaners.
That said, there are a variety of snake oil systems in the market that claim to enhance floor safety.  One can burn micro-holes into the surface and indeed improve traction – that is right up to when those holes are filled with dirt and oil and are once again level to the surface, making this solution both temporary and more expensive since you know need to powerwash to get the traction control holes free of dirt.
So what works.  Turns out that one of the biggest culprits to floor safety is the same cause as to what makes it look dirty.  Oils.  Whether coming from human body contact of hands or feet, or cooking grease, these oils serve to capture and hold onto to dust and dirt.  Think of dust and dirt as little ball bearings.  When we walk on them we provide enough energy to dislodge from the oil that held them creating a slip condition.  Sufficient oil on the surface will move on its one.  The answer is to clean with an oil emulsifying surfactant based cleaner …. Like MARBLELIFE Stone & Travertine Cleaner.
When testing a variety of anti-slip coatings, acidic treatments and other options, floors were tested in natural state, then cleaned with MARBLELIFE cleaner, re-measured, and finally treated with the anti-slip solution and tested again.  Surprise 90% of the improvement was derived from simply cleaning the floor.  By eliminating the bonding oils it was easier to maintain contact with the floors.  Coefficient of friction figures were higher.  This corresponds with historic reports from housekeepers, home owners and craftsman regarding the fact that MARBLELIFE cleaners leave the floor “squeaky” clean.
MARBLELIFE’s line of cleaners are all designed to emulsify oil in order to more easily and effectively remove them from the floor surface.  Other non-surfactant cleaners suffer from the fact that their waterbase-non-surfactant nature will not mix with oil, and therefore skims across the top, or worse yet deposits a micro-wax which is just as bad as it traps dirt and provides a low coefficient of friction.
So not only do MARBLELIFE cleaners provide an easy-to-clean surface they can also enhance floor safety.
Want to be amazed, try using these cleaners the next time your husband needs to clean up an oily part, or to clean the garage floor, he’ll be amazed how effectively and quickly the job gets done, but this is a message for another day.
For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional  grade products go to MARBLELIFE®… Helping Make Your Life Easier.

NEW Grout And Restoration Could Change Everything

Over time even the most well kept marble floor will get dull and hazy. In the picture on the left it is very obvious that this floor has had many years of neglect and spills. The spills caused the etching (to the right of the floor vent) and haziness on the surface. All of that takes the shine off the floor and leaves the results you see here.
After we completed the project you can see the results are amazing. WOW! Look at the clarity and the detail in the reflection. The images are so crisp and clear. This floor is now the envy of the neighborhood. Oh, one more thing about this photo. That floor is “DRY”! That is right, DRY! It looks wet and it will for a long time. Amazing.
MARBLELIFE® has been the trusted name in service for over 20 years. Whether you are seeking marble polishing, granite sealing, or simply grout cleaning & restoration MARBLELIFE® delivers exceptional results. MARBLELIFE® works hard to  present you with a professional and pleasent service experience in every job we do.
With Marblelife’s “No More Restoration Guarantee”, it’s no wonder, due to this economy, why more and more property managers are turning to MARBLELIFE®. We have restoration and maintenance programs that will improve your building appearance, reduce your overall cost, and guarantee “no more restorations”.
For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional  grade products go to MARBLELIFE®… Helping Make Your Life Easier.

Eliminate Soap Scum in Your Shower

Your family baths and showers everyday.  Overtime, you can get a build up of soap scum and other things such as mold and mildew.  It is important to you to keep your family healthy and your bathroom looking its best.  One of the first things you can do is get rid of the soap scum buildup in your showers and bath.
What is Soap Scum?
Soap scum is the dull film created from a combination of soap and hard water that builds up on the surfaces of your shower and tub areas.  On certain materials such as vinyl shower curtains, the buildup can result in a bio-film that can harbor pathogenic bacteria.  Soap scum contributes to common bathroom odors and aids in protecting the growth of mold in showers.  Most common cleaners will not successfully remove soap scum and those that can are likely, for use on your grout.
Product Directions
The following is our recommended procedure for cleaning soap scum from tile & grout showers, tub areas, glass enclosures, metal frames and fixtures.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, please contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.
Needed Supplies:

Marblelife Tile Shower Soap Scum Remover
Clean Cloth or sponge
Large Cup, container or spray nozzle for rinse water

Step 1 – Scrub
Shake the bottle, then apply Marblelife Tile Shower Soap Scum Remover to a clean cloth or sponge and scrub surfaces affected by soap scum.  As you scrub, you will feel the resistance from the soap scum lessen which means it is being removed.  You will repeat this procedure until the shower is completely clean and free from soap scum.
Step 2 – Rinse or Buff
After scrubbing the shower with Tile Shower Soap Scum Remover, use the cup, container or spray nozzle to rinse off the Soap Scum Remover with clean water.  As an alternative option, allow the Soap Scum Remover to completely dry on the shower surface then buff off with clean cloth.  In showers with sanded grout, water will be needed to rinse the Soap Scum Remover from the pores of the grout.
If for any reason to don’t see the desired results, contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.
For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional grade products go to
MARBLELIFE®… Helping Make Your Life Easier.

Heavy Mold Cleaning of Marble, Traverting & Slate Showers

In marble, travertine, slate and other natural stone showers where mold is heavy and obviously visible, the removal of mold stains can be accomplished quite simply.  The following is our recommended method.  If after following these simple steps satisfactory results are not achieved, please contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in accomplishing your desired results.
Supplies Needed:

Marblelife Mold & Mildew Stain Remover
Large cup, container or spray nozzle for rinse water
Soft brush

Step 1 – Spay, Scrub & Soak
Spray ample amount of Marblelife Mold & Mildew Stain Remover directly on the areas of visible mold adequate to saturate the stone and grout.  Include the surrounding area for thorough coverage.  With a soft brush, scrub the affected area to loosen the top layer of mold and allow the Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to reach the under layers of mold.  Reapply Mold & Mildew Stain Remover if needed so that the affected area is well saturated and allow to soak for about 10 minutes.
Step 2 – Scrub & Rinse
After doing Step 1 and allowing to soak for 10 minutes, scrub one more time and rinse with clean water using the cup, container or spray nozzle.  Survey the results and repeat if needed until mold is no longer visible.
Step 3 “Optional” – Spray, Soak & Rinse

To assure the shower stays mold free and that underlying mold stains have been dealt with, spray Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to affected area one last time and allow to soak.  Then after 10 minutes, rinse with clean water and enjoy your fresh clean shower.
If for any reason to don’t see the desired results, contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.
For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional grade products go to
MARBLELIFE®… Helping Make Your Life Easier.

Routine Cleaning of Shower Mold & Mildew

Stone showers are beautiful and have wonderful character. Keeping them looking that way means that you must be very careful with the products you use or damage can occur. One of the biggest issues in dealing with mold in a marble or stone shower is you cannot use the typical, aggressive products designed for killing mold because they kill your stone shower as well, or at least the finish.
Mold thrives in dark, warm, moist environments with ample food sources of organic material such as soap residue or organic coatings. This makes a shower an ideal spot for mold to grow. The small pores of natural stone and grout are great places for mold to gain a grip, live and avoid your cleaning efforts. Most products used to eliminate mold only remove the surface waste and not the mold still growing inside the pores. Most people do not realize that that unsightly black or green color is not the mold but the mold’s waste by-products. Getting rid of the colorful waste is only the first step, then one needs to address the mold hiding underneath. Ironically, many mold cleaners say that they are not to be used on porous surfaces, which explains your frustration in why mold never seems to stay away very long after cleaning.
To effectively remove the mold stains from your stone shower, you need a product that is both safe for your stone and able to penetrate into the pores of the stone and grout to remove the visible waste but also the hidden mold, the source.
 A Stone Safe Product You Can Trust
MARBLELIFE® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is completely safe and a highly effective way to eliminate those frustrating mold stains from your marble, travertine, slate and grout shower. It safely penetrates into the stone and grout to remove the mold stains at the source.
MARBLELIFE® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is easy to use, safe on all of your shower surfaces and highly effective. It is 8 times more effective than bleach and yet has a lighter chlorine smell than bleach.
For light mold, this is a spray, soak and rinse product. For heavy mold it’s a spray, scrub and rinse product. Nothing you find will be as safe and effective as MARBLELIFE® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover.
 [youtube id=”goJzUlTqCc0″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]
Watch On Youtube:
Directions For Routine Cleaning
In marble, travertine, slate and other natural stone showers where mold is occasionally and mildly visible, routine removal of mold stains is quite simple. The following is our recommended method.
Supplies Needed:

Marblelife Mold & Mildew Stain Remover
Large cup, container or spray nozzle for rinse water.

Step 1 – Spray & Soak
Spray an ample amount of MARBLELIFE® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover directly on the areas of visible mold adequate to saturate the stone and grout. Include the surrounding area and allow to soak for about 10 minutes.
Step 2 – Rinse
After allowing MARBLELIFE® Mold & Mildew Stain Remover to soak for about 10 minutes, rinse off with clean water using a large cup, container or spray nozzle. If any mold is still visible, reapply Mold & Mildew Stain Remover and brush with a toothbrush or other soft brush then allow to soak for 10 minutes and rinse off. If there is still mold visible, contact MARBLELIFE® Customer Care for assistance achieving your desired results.
For larger jobs, it is wise to contact a MARBLELIFE® service professional before attempting to address this yourself.
Stone Shower Restoration Service By One Of Our Stone Craftsmen

For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional grade products go to
MARBLELIFE®… Helping Make Your Life Easier.

Common Cleaning Myths – Quick Tips On Common Cleaners and Multifunction Products

Why most Common Cleaning Products Are Not Good.

Cleaning a countertop with a special spray

Most of today’s cleaning products will fall into one of two categories if not both.  One category is products that will leave a residue after cleaning certain stone surfaces.  These contribute to a buildup that causes the area to be sticky, or look dull over time.  These cleaners do not result in a true clean.  The second category is harsh products. Using harsh chemicals or even acids to dissolve oils or dirt is an extreme way to clean any surface.  Either way the vast majority of cleaning products available today fall into one or both of these categories which are bad for natural stone and many other surfaces.
The Alternative Solutions To Common Cleaners
The alternative is to use a stone safe product formulated for regular cleaning of marble, granite,

MARBLELIFE® Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner 32oz Spray

travertine, slate, terrazzo, concrete and other types of natural and man-made stone. MARBLELIFE’s Stone and Tile Floor Cleaner goes where others can’t, penetrating deep into the minute pores of your floor or counter-top surface.  MARBLELIFE’s Cleaner delivers non-acidic detergent and surfactants to dissolve oils and debris trapped inside and floating them out where they can be wiped or mopped away – streak free.
Why Multi-Function Products Don’t Work
It is popular today to have two or more different functions in one product such as Cleans & Disinfects or Cleans & Shines.  The problem is that in most cases this does not work.
We will use the example of cleaning granite countertops.  The goal is to remove the oils from the surface to have a clean surface.  While polishing or conditioning granite countertops you want to leave a safe oil behind that will bring out the granite’s shine.  Combining both these products creates a problem.
The cleaner is trying to remove the oils and the oils in the cleaner is trying to stay to leave a beautiful shine.  How could the product in the bottle know which oils to take and which oils to leave behind?  The truth is that it can’t.  The result will be a residue and not a clean surface. The same thing happens with cleaners and sealers.  And on and on.  A quality cleaner should do its best to clean and a polish should do its best to polish.  These are not the same process and not the same product.
Products To Clean & Polish
Rather than combine products that will not give you the best results, first use a quality stone safe cleaner like Marblelife’s InterCare Cleaner.  Then you can condition the stone with a professional grade stone conditioner.  MARBLELIFE® Marble Gloss Conditioner is a great way to add a richer look to the stones color and shine.  This conditioner is the final step in caring for your marble, travertine or other natural stone.
The Order of Care
When caring for natural stone such as Granite, Marble and others there is an order to things which helps to assure the best care possible based on the stones longevity and appearance. This order is:
1)      First – Clean the stone as best as possible regularly.
2)      Second – Repair the stone if needed such as removing etches or stains.
3)      Third – Seal the stone to help protect against stains and to help make cleaning easier.
4)      Lastly – Conditioning to help bring out the stone’s best appearance if needed.
The intervals of these activities are very subjective and vary greatly based on the environment of the stone such as: Is the stone indoors or outdoors, Does it get high traffic or very little use and alike.  With this said there are some very general intervals:
1)      Cleaning should be done regularly between daily to weekly.
2)      Sealing should be done annually, between every six months to every two years.
3)      Repairs should be done as needed and a promptly as possible.
4)      Conditioning can be done as desired between monthly and just on occasions.
Again these are very general intervals to help give some frame of reference.
For larger jobs, it is wise to contact a MARBLELIFE® service professional before attempting to address this yourself.
For more information or to hire a MARBLELIFE® Stone Care Professional visit For professional grade products go to