Bookshelves To Brighten Any Space

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Bookshelves To Brighten Any Space

For the DIY enthusiast, it is always an exciting time to transform a space into something new. Bookshelves are all the rage in the interior design world. Aside from being extremely functional. They also add another dimension to the space, being an entire feature of a room with the many creative design options available. From under the staircase bookcases to entire wall shelving, the possibilities are endless.

When you are taking on your own DIY bookshelf project, here are a few things to consider in the process:


Layout Of The Space

Examine the room where the bookshelf will be. Is it an open space, with doorways and windows? Or will it be in a small room? This will tailor down the options that you’ll have in what type of space you can work with. Maybe you can utilize an entire wall of the room if the furniture is sparse, or perhaps the doorway can be the feature, creating shelves around the opening.


How Many Shelves?

Perhaps you realize you don’t need a grand scale storage system. Assessing functionality can help you narrow down your design. Consider also that bookshelves don’t need to only display books. Ornaments, photos, keepsakes can all make the space more interesting. The depth of the shelving is also important to remember when building from scratch– how many times have you seen books poking out the end of a shelf?


Paint And Decorate Before Construction

When you’ve made your decision on which design, it’s construction time! Often, people will put the shelving together, then endeavor to decorate it. But who fancies reaching in to all the nooks and crannies with a paintbrush for a few hours? Made this easier for yourself and paint and decorate the pieces of your shelving BEFORE you construct it.


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