The Nanny Check

Your children are the most precious and important people in your life. You treasure them more than life itself. So, when it’s time to hire a nanny or babysitter, how do you decide who will protect your child as much as you do? Access Investigative Services has the answers.  Vetting your child’s nanny is one of our specialties.


We’ve all heard horror stories about children found wandering the streets unattended because the babysitter fell asleep.  Or, kids were harmed or neglected by a nanny.   A background check of your nanny is not overreacting. It’s being safe.


Parents hiring investigative professionals is on the rise It’s one of the most important things a parent can do for their kids.

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The Michelle Chase Real Estate Team In Apopka, Fl Welcomes Hank Dunn To The Team!

Hank is a multi-generation Floridan whose grandparents moved to Florida nearly a hundred years ago. Due to his father’s career in the military, he has lived in many places across America and the world. In his adult life, he is a retired higher education administrator with a career spanning more than 30 years. He has worked extensively in community colleges, including being Chancellor and President of two different colleges. He also has a background in financial and strategic panning, real estate and investments.


Hank has held a Florida real estate license on and off for many years, but became fully active after he retired in 2017. He is also an active partner in a non-profit company, Provident Housing Solutions, building rental properties to support working families throughout Central Florida.


Hank and his wife live in Apopka. He is the father of three adult children who reside in Central and South Florida and is the proud grandfather of two grandchildren.

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What Are They Hiding? Find Out with Access Investigative Services

Infidelity Investigations:

Have you ever believed someone close to you had something to hide? For example, let’s say you’ve seen changes in your partner’s behaviors; unexplained charges on their credit cards, working later than usual, frequent mood swings. Now, did you ever wish you could get proof to validate your intuition and confront them with the facts? If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, you may want to consider hiring a licensed private investigator. What you find out may be surprising—but it may just be exactly what you were looking for.

Computer and Data Investigations:

Time and time again, people will delete their browsing history, chat screens, and call logs to hide unfaithful or unlawful behaviors. Often unbeknownst to those people, seasoned professionals can employ advanced technology in the field of computer and data forensics to uncover hidden data. Though you believe clicking the “delete” button will destroy all traces of your activity, there is often extensive evidence remaining.

Private Investigator

Access Investigative Services is a private detective agency in Orlando dedicated to seeking out the truth and helping you achieve your goals. They are a team of highly-trained specialists with over 25 years of experience providing services to both commercial and individual clientele. Whether you believe an employee is stealing from you or you’ve found yourself amid a child custody battle, proof is at your fingertips. Access Investigative Services can bring concealed information to light with state-of-the-art procedures often used by local, state, and even federal government agencies.


From recovering lost data to email tracing, Access Investigative Services provides multiple services to get to the truth of the matter. If you feel that a partner, an employee, or someone close to you is engaging in disloyal or criminal behaviors, contact Access Investigative Services today for a free and confidential consultation.


Lifestyle Changes With Retirement

Retirement brings one of the most transformative phases of life for many people. With the career path coming to closure, family moving out and settling in their own flow, achievements and successes enjoyed, this is the time people embark on a new journey. A general belief held by many is that with retirement comes a slowing down, resting mode of life, though for the majority of people, it is much more of a new beginning, with adventures and evolution in the broadening opportunities to experience many things where previously there may not have been time for.


A brand new way of living in all areas of life is created in retirement, and here are just some of the things to expect to evolve for the retired lifestyle:

Transformed Relationships

When it comes to those retiring with a spouse, there is a vast dynamic change that can occur with couples spending much more time together than during their previous working lives. This can allow for a deeper interaction and change in dynamic with sharing more proximity in the home space, and more opportunities to travel and adventure together. With this proximity also comes the importance for sensitivity, patience and compassion for one another.


Hobbies And Interests

With more time and energy to devote to the things you love, retirement definitely boosts the motivation to delve deeper into hobbies and interests. Many people find that exploring their passions allows them to not only become more skilled, but also develop more bonds to the community and to others who also share in these interests. There are many groups and meet-ups for almost any type of hobby especially for those in retirement.


Connect With Your Community

Just like the connections that come with exploring and deepening hobbies, retirement is rarely ever an isolated experience for many people. Some often feel more connected and social with more time on their hands to really get into the local community. Joining township initiatives, volunteering, starting new groups are all ways that retiree’s branch out and create friendships and a sense of belonging.


If you want to continue to lead an active life, but are afraid you need daily assistance, look to Griswold Home Care. They can pair you with a caregiver that will help you make the most out of retirement.


In-Home, Non-Medical Senior Care Can Benefit You

Non-Medical Care OrlandoHopefully your city is acknowledged for its emerging community where people feel comfortable and happy to live, work, and have fun. With this in mind, Griswold Home Care aims to deliver the best non-medical homecare in the area so your loved ones can continue to enjoy the community they love.


Non-medical home care is something you might consider if you, or someone you know of, necessitate some assistance with day-to-day activities. There are several choices for senior care and odds are you’ve conducted some research on the best options to fit your lifestyle, budget, and social needs. Following your assessment of these factors, if your aim is to stay at home, then Griswold Home Care can help to refer you to a certified caregiver.


Keeping your loved ones near home and the community isn’t the single benefit of in-home care with Griswold.


Personalized Care


Providing the most elite and skilled care thinkable for your loved one is the number one goal for Griswold-referred caregivers. No matter your needs, caregivers will be happy to deliver valuable personalized care with one hundred percent of their care given at all times; that isn’t thinkable with other practices of senior care.


Independence and Ease


Alterations are always tough, but your loved ones will likely find more relief adapting to a different lifestyle from the wellbeing of their home. While caregivers assist with services such as daily chores, meal preparation, or grocery shopping, your loved one will continue to live a confident and independent lifestyle free of concern, all while enjoying the gorgeous community.


Keep Up With the Family


You’ll be updated consistently on the status of your loved one and always stay in the loop with regular calls and visits without extra charges. You should never feel like you’re left in the dark about the people you care about most.


Put Your Mind at Ease


Realistically speaking, with a busy lifestyle you can’t always be present for your loved one. But somebody can be there to help establish your peace of mind. Best of all, Griswold’s thorough screening measurements will ensure that professional caregivers are not only the best at what they do, but also the greatest fit for your household.


Griswold’s CareAssure Screening System is a rigorous process that entails a breakdown of personal references, strengths, experience, criminal background, and identity. Moreover Griswold’s CarePairing System is a analysis that will use your involvement to finally refer a highly qualified caregiver which compliments your personalities, values, and overall preferences; all of this at no extra charge.


If you’re on the search for excellent non-medical in-home care in your area, look no further. Griswold Home Care is committed to serving your loved ones live an independent lifestyle within your home and community. Not only will they have the ability to stay engaged in the booming city, but also live happy and healthy.


For more info on how you or your loved one can receive quality non-medical home care, call the Home Care Hotline at (800) 474-7965 or visit Griswold Home Care’s website at