Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips

Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips

Polishing Your Stone Is Truly Essential

San Diego Stone RestorationThe appearance of your home should be something you’re pleased with. And you may favor certain areas of your home over the others. Fairly so, stone surfaces like marble and limestone make the list of people’s top elements within their home or business location. These surfaces add an extra gorgeous piece to the overall look, especially when they’re cleaned and polished to perfection.


Nevertheless, over time our demanding lives can distract from the routine cleaning or wary care for our marble. Your marble may collect stains, etches, spots, discoloring, or simple dullness. Life happens and that’s nothing to be distraught about when you can fix it.


Polishing your stone can remove minor imperfections from the surfaces and leave your marble or limestone looking brand new. In addition to appearance, you’ll simply keep your stone durable and won’t have to deal with long-term damage or discoloring. The reasons to polish your stone seem apparent, but what can hold people back is the unnerving task of actually fixing their stone. But actually it’s fairly easy and there is more than one possibility to the solution.


Hire a professional.


This is possibly the easiest and most convenient option, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Marblelife in San Diego is a reliable company to employ if you’re seeking experience and quality. Marblelife is the leading stone care company in San Diego with more than 15 years of experience servicing thousands of homes and commercial locations.


This team of skilled and expert craftsmen can visit your home, polish out any big or small scratches and stains to renew your marble’s look and have it looking flawless in no time. Their services can deliver you a detailed cleaning, professional polish, stone sealing, scratch and stain repair, and color and shine restoration. And their job isn’t complete until you are pleased.


Or do it yourself.


On the opposite end of your stone polishing choices, you desire to do the job yourself. Marblelife also provides a collection of stone care products that are reasonably priced and easy to use. Products like Marblelife’s “Marble Polish” deliver you, basically, a “serviceman in a bottle.” However, you shouldn’t attempt to take care of immense projects with only these tools. Hiring a professional is your best bet for large cracks, scratches, or stains.


Numerous choose to purchase these handy products anyways, even if they employ polishing service. This is because you’ll want to maintain your stone surface’s appearance once you see how amazing it can look. Or many will choose to obtain continuous maintenance plan for top results.


It is immensely important to maintain your stone to keep your space looking beautiful and it will end up saving you a financial burden in the long-term. For all your marble polishing or marble cleaning needs, Marblelife is the suggested company for stone care servicing or products. You can contact Marblelife in San Diego for your free estimate at (888) 218-4616. Additionally, you can view Marblelife San Diego‘s complete line of products on their website. Your stone will soon be looking impeccable!


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Simple Ways to Condition Your Granite

Often made into countertops, granite is a beautiful stone product. Its surface is durable, resisting scratches, burns and stains. With quality cleaning products such as Marblelife Granite & Quartz Countertop Cleaner the finish on your granite countertops can remain as beautiful as the day you first got them. Your countertops shouldn’t need polishing and glossing if they are cleaned properly.

When polishing granite is desired it should only be done by trained professionals. Granite polishing is not the same as other household polishing. The process uses hard abrasives and friction with varying coarseness, and heat is used in varying degrees. A lack-luster granite finish is often caused by residue. Many ordinary products can leave a residue such as dish soaps, oils, and cleaning products.

The surface of granite is porous with miniscule indentations and holes. Foods, oils, and bacteria can get easily get trapped in these areas. This causes the finish to look dull. If left too long the surface can become rancid and smell bad. To prevent any damage to the surface, clean and condition with the proper products only. High quality products made specifically for granite surfaces, such as Marblelife Granite and Quartz Countertop Cleaner, will remove any residue and bring the finish back. Cleaning products not made for granite surfaces, or of a low quality can not only leave a residue, they may cause actual damage to the granite surface. Products never to use include dish soap, alcohol, vinegar, common cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, and water. Only use products that are made specifically for granite surfaces such as a Marblelife cleaning products. Cleaning the surface is easy, simply spray with the proper cleaner, wipe up and buff dry using a microfiber towel. Buffing is important to remove any left-over residue. Your countertops should now look shiny.

A bit of extra cleaning is needed for stains. Spray, wipe and buff the area as usual. Then re-spray the stain and let the cleaner set for ten minutes. At ten minutes, use a tooth brush to scrub the stained area, buff dry with your microfiber towel. Do a basic spray, wipe and buff again to make sure nothing is left on the counter. Some foods that are likely to stain your granite surfaces include ketchup, mustard, red sports drinks, red wines, coffee, and barbecue sauces.

It’s now time to apply the conditioner. A great one is Marblelife Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner. It is a premium conditioner that has no odor, and is safe to use. If it works, a gloss conditioner can make your granite countertops look wetter and bring out the natural richness of the colors. Not all granite will take conditioners. Some granite products are too thick for the gloss conditioner. The only way to find out if a gloss conditioner will work on your countertop is to give it a try. If you see a difference then a gloss conditioner will work. Using quality cleaning and conditioning products made specifically for granite, will ensure the finish on your countertops will maintain their luxurious look.

MARBLELIFE of Los Angeles can help you bring your granite back to life.

To locate a stone care professional, contact Marblelife Of Los Angeles at 888-218-4616 or visit for more information.

Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips

Commercial Cleaning Companies and the Benefits for Businesses

Hand with spongeHiring a professional commercial cleaning company can have many benefits for a business. These benefits include not only the cleanliness of a business, but also the work environment. A clean work environment can be an asset to employees, customers and the profit margin of a business.


For both large and small businesses commercial cleaning companies can be beneficial. The costs to hire a commercial cleaning company may appear to be higher, but maintaining an in-house cleaning staff can have hidden fees. The National Contract Cleaners Association explains there may be several hidden costs involved with a business having an in-house cleaning staff. The investment costs for a business to maintain an in-house cleaning staff may include employee wages and benefits, cleaning materials, cleaning equipment, training, and time to oversee and manage the cleaning staff. With some of the hidden fees of an in-house cleaning staff, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company may be a cost-effective investment for many businesses.


There are additional benefits for a business to hire a commercial cleaning company. A professional commercial cleaning company can remove dust, mold, allergens and other substances that can diminish the air quality in an office. This kind of professional cleaning can improve the overall health of employees. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, may have improved focus and work performance. The image employees have of the company they work for may improve with a well-maintained work environment. Not only can this improve the image employees have of the business, it can also improve the brand image of the business for customers.


Professional commercial cleaning companies can be beneficial for areas of a business other than their offices. For example real estate agencies that have the homes they are selling staged before showings, may benefit by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company as part of their staging design. A professional cleaning by a commercial cleaning company would improve the inside and outside appearance of a home. Professional cleaners are able to get rid of issues were regular cleaning isn’t enough, such as smells caused by pets or smokers, and mold & mildew issues. The musty smell of older homes, or homes that have been closed up is an issue a commercial cleaning company could take care of. For prospective customers a professionally cleaned home would help improve the image of a house staged for sale.


Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is also beneficial during emergencies. Many commercial cleaning companies offer 24 hour emergency services seven days a week. They are trained to provide cleaning services for emergency situations such as clean-up due to water damage from flooding or leaks, fire and smoke damage, and post crime scene clean-ups. A commercial cleaning company that already maintains a business for general cleaning services will already understand the business’ post emergency clean-up needs.


Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be a cost-effective investment for businesses. A clean business environment can improve employee health and work performance, attract customers and improve the brand image of a business. If all of these improvements sound like what your business needs then N&A Professional Commercial Cleaners is an excellent company that comes highly recommended.




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14 April 2016




Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips

How to Subtly Get Your Kids To Help Clean

mother teaches daughter child cleaning roomTired of fighting with your little ones to help clean? There are many more out there in your same situation. No one likes nagging nor wants to nag to their loved ones. If your kids are like most others, they will not give into nagging at first. After awhile, and with some resentment, you finally get your kids to help. How do you get your kids to help you clean without the subject it causing a fight?


One solution is to have your kids clean without them even knowing it. You should at least make the task more fun so there will be less griping about that subject. Here are some ideas on how to be sneaky about getting your kids to help clean.


Water Play

How many of you have gotten the eye roll or the deep sigh from your kids when you ask them to wash the car? Try a water fight! You could fill a big bucket or kitty pool with suds and let the kids play with them. This could be done with one child or multiple children. Let them take turns with the hose and see how much fun they have. At the end, you will have a clean car as well as kids who just had a great time helping you clean.

You could also turn your car washing into a water day. Reward your kids for helping you wash the car by setting up sprinklers in the yard or a slip in slide with a tarp for more fun after chores. Watch out for mud holes though!


Magical Supplies


To any parent of younger children, a great idea is to invent a “magical spray.” You can do this a few simple ways. You could buy a plain spray bottle and decorate it yourself or let your kid decorate it. You could also purchase a “special” one from the store for your child to use. Explain to them that the spray they are going to use is magic and it turns dirty things clean. Watching dirt come up right before their eyes will think they are holding something magical so it turns out fun for them. You can also use this game concept with tile floor or marble cleaners, basically whatever else noticeably gets dirt up for them to witness. This also gets them in the habit to help from a young age with a little help form the imagination.


Tornado Time

Once again, if your child is a bit younger and has a big imagination then this should be a fun time for them. Instead of nagging and just telling your child to put their toys away, try to pretend that the vacuum is a tornado. Everything on the ground in the vacuum’s path is in danger and the kids need to rescue them! They can go in the toy box or the “storm shelter” to be saved. This can also be applied for anytime your child’s toys need to be picked up. Say you had a commercial cleaning company come to your home to give your home that professional touch and your kids toys are everywhere. In order to motivate them, grab the vacuum and help “chase” the toys back into their bin. This will get the toys up in a hurry and leave the floor clean for when you need it.


Bringing Personality To Toys


At certain ages, a majority of kids will listen to either imaginary friends or toys more than they will listen to grown ups. You could try putting some personality into your child’s toys. Say that your child’s name was Tanner then Tanner’s toy would say, “Please Tanner, I am so lonely here on the ground all by myself. Please put me in the toy box with my friends.” You can even have fun with this one for yourself and incorporate different voices and accents. Hopefully, your child will run with this idea and pay attention to the other lonely toys.















Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips

The Most Often Overlooked Aspect of Bathroom Remodeling – YOUR FLOOR

One of the most often overlooked aspect of bathroom remodeling is the floor- other than matching wall and tile colors. What most people often do not realize is that they can change the color of their grout without the mess, dust and delay of cutting it out or replacing the floor. COLORSEAL applies a durable colored seal to sanded grout which can alter its color while also providing a better seal than the standard permeating sealer. Yes, you can even change white to black or black to white, but in most cases, it is a question of adjusting your accent.


The floor of your bathroom should be one of the first places to start when remodeling. This is because the floor gets much more use than other aspects of the bathroom. If you do consider the floor update, replacement of tile with marble or granite can significantly alter the perceived elegance of the space. Tile size can rage from 1” to 24” and with it alters the amount of grout present, and its impact on the color and finish of your space. Floor material selection can also impact safety and slip. With each selection though, be aware that your care requirements and cleaner selection will change as well. (SEE MARBLELIFE as the source for cleaners optimized for tile type).

Remodeling your floor does not have to be expensive, though it can be. Restoration is always less expensive than replacement. In most cases, restoring your grout color might cost $2/sqft versus $15-20 for a new floor. Need to restore a marble floor? Here again, one is generally looking at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Need an estimate? Contact your local stone restoration professional. (MARBLELIFE is the largest in the North America and offers free estimates on restoration. Plus MARBLELIFE has the knowledge and experience in how to properly maintain your surfaces, regardless of what floor you have. Always useful.) With a few changes you can radically alter the appearance of your space as well as add considerable value to your home.

If you opt to replace the current floor material, your next decision is finding the right contractor. A poorly installed floor can mean additional expenses. How long would you put up with a toe-kicker (high tile that catches your toes)? Of course this is easily avoidable by using an experienced professional. Your local tile shops maintain a list of their best customers. No one gets recognized without doing it right, but a lot of new installers enter the market thinking anyone can do this.

Dream of beauty. Get a solid referral. Add value to your home, but more importantly make your partner happy. Nothing like starting the day with a smile when your remove those eyesore areas you encounter every day.