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Conscious Pest Management

Green and organic pest control is a relatively new occurrence in the modern world of prevention and treatment of pests in and around the home. There are now a growing number of companies dedicated to offering clean, green and organic pest control methods for people who are aligned with their mission of conscious ethics and conservation for the globe. Many people, however, are largely still unaware that this is service is offered, as pest control usually entices connotations of harmful chemicals.


In this mode of pest control, the service thoroughly examines the space before any pesticides (their ‘green’, organic solutions) are used. First and foremost, sustainable, non-chemical pest removals procedures and preventative methods are taken. This means sealing the spaces, removing unwanted guests physically and placing them back in their natural environment.


An example of a conscious solution for pest management is the use of natural remedies. This can even be done without a green pest removal service if you have access to spices such as bay leaves. The pungent odor of the essential oils in the leaf are an adverse fragrance for many small pests such as cockroaches. For a DIY home remedy, crush the leaves and sprinkle along the ground corners of your cabinets, inside drawers and any other spaces that they may be lurking. Similarly, rats and ants are adverse to tea tree oil. Just a few drops along the floors and again, any corners of the house that you suspect these creatures could be getting into. It could probe to be a big help to keep them away.


If you are looking for more solutions that are organic and green for pest removal, then try contacting a local pest control service to see if they can help you with goals.