Water is the elixir of life, and when it comes to health concerns, it is one of the first prescribed acts to assist the treatment of almost any condition. ‘Drink more water, drink lots of water, up your water intake’, how often do you hear this? But how much is too much? Is it really plausible to guzzle water all day, flooding our bodies in the pursuit of vigor and vitality? Or perhaps there is more that we need to understand so we are not turning this health-boosting act into something that is not adding to our overall wellbeing.


Stanley Goldfarb, a medical doctor from the university of Pennsylvania, has stated that there is, in fact, a limit to how much water is actually going to aid in health. The mechanism of the kidneys excreting water when it is not needed means that when we consume more water than necessary, it is not aiding us in any way; it is being flushed out. It is stated that unless you live in a much warmer climate, or are an athlete, consuming than much more than 8 glasses of water per day (as a general benchmark) would often be redundant, as the body would just eliminate the water from the body. That being said, it is true that up to 70% of body weight is water, and it is essential that we are fulfilling our bodies requirements for hydration, though the caveat here is that when our needs are satiated, there is no real benefit of drinking more water than necessary. It is advised to assess your lifestyle in terms of your activity levels, your climate, and even your height and weight, to become aware of your own personal water requirements so you can adjust your intake accordingly.


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